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Shandong Zhongji Intelligent Equipment Co.,LTd.
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Shandong Zhongji Intelligent Equipment Co.,LTd. is located in harbor city – longkou, south bank of the Bohai Sea.

Zhongji’s predecessor began to engage in machine tool, vehicle transmission and other machinery manufacturing business. In 1987, we elected “motor stator windings manufacturing equipment”, which was a margin project at home. After conversion and share reform, in 2010, it changed into Shandong ZhongJi Electrician Equipment Co., Ltd. and successful came into the market in April, 2012. Stock abbreviation was Zhongji Equipment, stock code was 300308.

More than twenty years, with rapid development of China electric machine industry, Zhongji Equipment has developed gradually, and has led rapid growth of China motor stator windings manufacturing equipment industry, and it has its own separate category. From traditional manual operation-based to automated production process change, Zhongji Equipment launched single wiring equipment former, and promoted to multiple-stage, multiple operation combination production lines, and then started and launched high efficiency motor with semi-automatic and automatic production line; it has gone through three important development histories. Around improving quality and technological level, and widely adapt to production needs of various motors to do a lot of improving remodel designs, it accumulated broad adaptive categories and types. At the same time, with the goal of oversea advanced level, it focused on developing into highness difficulty and newness, gradually highlighted the brand effect of “Zhongji” as China famous brand.

Since Zhongji Equipment created, it always takes “science and technology businesses, innovation for survival” as company's development philosophy, and it supports company industry development by technical teams that made it own and independent research and development inventions. Through long-term technological convergence and experience accumulation, Zhongji Equipment already has solid technical foundation and development strength. During the future development, Zhongji Equipment will take listing as a new starting point. It focus on strengthening the nurturing building of national enterprises in technique center and level technical center; it positive integrates industry contacts and enhances its core competitiveness, tries to build advanced and matched industrial bases, to comprehensive upgrade facility's domestic level and build the worldwide known brand.

Zhongji people are influenced by Qi Lu Confucian culture; they admire openness basing on sincerity, respect and humility, unwavering loyalty. In the future communication cooperation, Zhongji Equipment will carry forward excellence, and improve the inadequacy, work diligent and positive, fully upgrade. Take Customer's interests and needs as our highest objectives, and wholeheartedly remove difficulty for customers with mutual help.